Wdrażanie aplikacji na Heroku

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Screencast: Deploying Ruby Web Applications to Heroku

Quick start

  1. Install the Heroku gem file:

     sudo gem install heroku 
  2. Upload your public key:

     heroku keys:add 
     Enter your Heroku credentials. 
     Email: you@example.com 
     Password: ********
  3. Set up your app to use Git (if you aren't already using it):

     cd myapp
     git init
     git add . 
     git commit -m "first commit"
  4. Create an app:

     heroku create
     Created http://sharp-autumn-42.com/ | git@heroku.com:sharp-autumn-42.git 
     Git remote heroku added
  5. Deploy your code:

     git push heroku master
  6. Run migrations (or other bootstrap tasks):

     heroku rake db:migrate
  7. Open the deployed app in your browser:

     heroku open

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